Mind's Eye Journal

Mind's Eye Journal

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Mind’s Eye Journal

Why A Journal?

Microdosing opens up a whole new world of introspection for us. Self-reflection and journaling are important tools for strengthening self-awareness, or what we call "a behavioral exercise." 

Your Mind’s Eye Journal is simply a written record of your thoughts, experiences, and observations. Journaling can be done on a regular basis, or only when you feel the urge. However, we recommend always take the time to do so when the effects of the medicine begin to take hold.

Journaling has no rules, no right way or wrong way, just a lot of different ways. Although you might decide to share portions of your journal (with trusted confidantes or within a safe and supported integration circle, like our weekly community gatherings), your journal is fundamentally for you. You are absolutely free to express yourself in your journal!

With Mind's Eye Microtracker, which offers insightful and recommended prompts, microdosing lays the perfect foundation for sprouting journal reflections. All the places you spend time in, the people you spend time with, and the thoughts that pass through your mind on your journey make perfect journaling topics.

3 Tips & Tricks For Utilizing Your Mind’s Eye Journal 

  1. When microdosing, keep the downloads you receive. It's amazing how quickly we forget (especially when intuitive thoughts surface). Try recalling exactly one week ago your day in detail. Are you able to recall what you wore? What did you eat for lunch? Feelings and thoughts? Try an experiment. Describe everything that happened to you today in detail. I'm sure you can keep going for a dozen pages or more. You might have trouble filling more than a couple of pages if you attempt to write about yesterday. It's likely that you had even less the day before yesterday. Throughout our lives, we constantly lose pieces of ourselves. A journal is a way of keeping them. 
  2. Become a more cognitively functional speaker. It is generally true that the more you write, the more self-aware you become. No matter how good or bad your journal is, journaling builds new neural pathways. In addition, your journal is generally for your eyes only, which makes it an ideal laboratory for experimenting with new ideas, perceptions, worldviews, and self-discovery. The sights, sounds, tastes, and feelings you record, as well as the conversations you have with the medicine, can all be recycled into your revelations for a deeper integration.  Details such as these will give your introspections the texture of reality.
  3. Become more aware of your surroundings. By writing about your experience, you can become a better observer. We pay a different kind of attention to something when we are going to write about it, which is an essential part of integrating our experiences. By keeping a journal during your microdosing practice, you develop the habit of noticing the conscious and unconscious details of your daily life. By observing the world with amplified richness, complexity, and compassion, the result is like a heightening of the senses.

How to use mind's eye

🎵 Frequency & Rhythm!

🎵 Frequency & Rhythm!

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