An Adaptogenic Mushroom and Botanical Nootropic

Tired of being unmotivated? Do you lack meaning and purpose?

Boost mental cognition, clarity, focus and flow with an all-organic adaptogenic mushroom and plant ally blend.

Mind's Eye is designed specifically for those of us who seek to unlock their visionary potential.

It is formulated to work in synergy with Mind's Eye Introspection (access at checkout).

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Let the microcosm of the human experience resonate with the macrocosm of the universe

At Medicine Box, products like Mind's Eye are developed by a passionate community of people who believe in co-creating human health and happiness while harmonizing our relationship with Mother Earth.

We believe that WE are all interconnected through the mycelium wisdom of mindfulness, food, music, community, collaboration, recovery and nature.

Join us for equal parts medicine and mentorship by having a conversation with a member of our microboard.

Open Your Mind's Eye

Medicine & Mentorship REviews

Hey Medicine Box, just wanted to say thank you. Superior product. Far superior. I’ve been keeping notes. I’m very pleased with the shift in consciousness immediately. I am hopeful my awareness will bring some resolve with addictions. Thanks again.

Darlene S.

Made in California In Small Batches

100% Organic Formulation

Complete Mushroom Fruiting Bodies

hundreds of Happy Customers

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