A Book of Passages: Micro Reflections For The 21st Sensory

A Book of Passages: Micro Reflections For The 21st Sensory

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Micro Reflections For The 21st Sensory: A Collection of Introspections To Shift Your Daily Perspective 

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What Is This?:

A paperback book that you can hold, fold and make notes in!

As an addition to your daily microdosing routine, start your morning off right with psychologically thought-provoking and inspiring passages.

These “micro-reflections” started during a time of deep introspection in the weird, new world of Covid in early 2020.

There are 3 reflections per week to synergize your 12-week microdosing journey: a total of 36. Each reflection is followed by a concluding quote that captures the essence of the passage.

Suggested Use:

Let these reflections be an ally to your ‘on’ days: a friendly prompt to your daily meditation as well as an inspiration for collaborative discussion amongst fellow humans.

Each reflection focuses on the 7 pillars of Medicine Box; mindfulness, music, food, community, collaboration, recovery and nature. Weaving these evolving medium all together upholds our mission to “co-create human health and happiness while harmonizing our relationship with Mother Earth”. 

Pro Tip

Take your microdoses on days where you also read these passages, while combining the 36 cognitively enhancing plant-based recipes from our Food For Thought recipe book.

These micro-reflections have been intuitively inspired by our Mind’s Eye Introspection along with spiritually fulfilling literature, chaotic world events, cultural division and media trends, to name a few.

They are certainly not the solution to our collective consciousness, but just another ‘thing’ to get you to the thing—and that thing is YOU.

When combined with other behavioral exercises and Mind’s Eye Introspection, the result is an unwavering new perspective on your life.

At your leisure, 

Medicine Box

12 Principles of Reflections

  1. WE are not in control!
  2. WE seek a meaningful, purpose-filled life.
  3. WE develop a relationship with nature.
  4. WE let what arises, arise; WE don’t resist emotions or attach to thoughts.
  5. WE realize that we are all interconnected and don’t have to navigate life alone.
  6. WE seek guidance in the silence, stillness, and spaciousness.
  7. WE demonstrate humility for ourselves, and for our fellow humans.
  8. WE practice forgiveness in ourselves and others; there is no room for resentments and regrets.
  9. WE get back to the basics whenever WE are out of balance.
  1. WE take accountability for our actions and inactions.
  2. WE commit to our psychological work in service to our spiritual development. 
  3. WE take a proactive approach versus a reactive approach to our journey; WE integrate our introspections with mindful awareness. 

How to use mind's eye

🎵 Frequency & Rhythm!

🎵 Frequency & Rhythm!

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Customer Reviews

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Arlene Levenson
Well on my way...

I waited for the 'right' time and the right 'guide' to explore micro-dosing and commit to the journey. The good old internet lead me to Brian Chaplain’s A Book of Passages: Micro Reflections For The 21st Sensory as a companion work book to use in conjunction with his product from his company at Medicine Box and Mind's Eye. ( The name Mind's Eye was the phrase that tickled my fancy when I went poking around on the Internet for a resource, and Brian's brand and playful wordsmithing continues to amuse and enthuse) At this writing I am only one-third of the way into my 90-day medicine experience, but at this early stage can safely report that the investment has been a sound one. I am recovering from a life-altering illness and wanted to re-evaluate, and gain a broader perspective on how I might absorb the lessons that a serious illness will force one to
Learn when fighting to survive. Maybe one doesn’t need a the kind of specific Intention before embarking on the micro-dose experience, but it couldn’t hurt. Reflections, the companion book is well-written and functions on its own as a self-inventory guide, but put to use with the medicine I feel supported and again, more focused as I meander through my physical and psychic healing process. My initial reason for taking this journey is becoming less the point as I travel on. I’ll follow up after the initial 90 days, but until then, I feel like I’m on solid ground and in good hands with Medicine Box and all it has to offer.

Brian Chaplin
Micro Reflections Keep Me Motivated!

This book, in combination with microdosing Minds Eye has helped me integrate my values and mindfulness together while shifting my perspective on my worldviews. What a cool concept!