Food For Thought Minds Eye Diet
Food For Thought Minds Eye Diet
Food For Thought Minds Eye Diet
Food For Thought Minds Eye Diet
Food For Thought Minds Eye Diet

Food For Thought Minds Eye Diet

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The Mind’s Eye Diet is a seasonal, 36-recipe plant-based cookbook designed to support your cognitive function and brain health along your Mind’s Eye Introspection Journey.

Microdosing along with a proper diet has the ability to create an unshakeable foundation for your own life

For a sneak peek at what's inside, click HERE to view a short presentation as our resident functional nutritionist Maya takes you on a mouthwatering cosmic journey through her creations. 

The recipes are made to be flexible to nutritional preferences (including but not limited to):

  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Refined-sugar free
  • Paleo / Vegetarian friendly 


  • 36 Brain Supporting Recipes, 14 Seasonal Recipes curated with the freshest of the season
  • 20 Follow-Along Recipe videos 
  • Master Ingredient List of everything you’ll need to keep stocked in your kitchen pantry!   


In your e-mail INBOX (after your order), click the file named "Thank You! Your Mind’s Eye Diet” for how to download the tracker. 

Download the digital workbook by clicking on the PDF file named "Minds Eye Diet” in your e mail inbox


This cookbook is designed chronologically. You can pace yourself depending on the length of your own personal 30-60-90 Day Mind’s Eye Journey- and even enjoy all of the recipes after your Introspection is over.

Ex. 90 days = 3 new recipes per week

As you get deeper into the cookbook the recipes will become more involved- both in the ingredients involved and the cooking process. 

  • You can use the Master Ingredient List as a guide to know what you will be expected to shop for in executing all 36 recipes.
  • Every time you see a Play button next to a recipe, one click will bring you to a Follow-Along video of that recipe. 
  • Every time you see a Food for Thought box, take a moment to read and integrate in the knowledge. Some will contain nutritional information, and others will include mindfulness that should be considered while enjoying that recipe.


  • How specific nutrients found in common foods benefit your health and happiness 
  • How synergizing a microdosing practice with the benefits of an optimal diet can increase full body awareness, cognitive function, and prolonged well-being, more than the microdosing will do on its own
  • How to incorporate mindfulness and intention into your mealtime
  • How to create different meals and flavor profiles out of the same ingredients
  • Home cooking can be affordable and create more connection to your community.
  • That you have the skills to make nutritionally dense and delicious meals!

How to use mind's eye

🎵 Frequency & Rhythm!

🎵 Frequency & Rhythm!

Don't rush. Take your capsule with regularity and give it time to dance to your body's tune.


Mood Enhancement

1.) Mood Enhancement
Elevate your mood and transform your day with grace and ease, by experiencing the powerful combination of 6 adaptogenic mushrooms, 5 botanicals, 2 essential nutrients and one introspective compound that support your mental and emotional well-being.

2.) Focus On What Really Matters
Experience a new level of mental clarity and unlock your full microdosing potential with our exceptional 14 in 1 microdose blend containing mind and body expanding compounds such as Lions Mane, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, and Magnesium-L-Theronate and more!

3.) Shifts In Perspective
Broaden your understanding of yourself, overcome mental barriers, and approach challenges from a new perspective, leading to personal growth and self-discovery.