Your Minds Eye Micro Tracker
Your Minds Eye Micro Tracker
Your Minds Eye Micro Tracker
Your Minds Eye Micro Tracker
Your Minds Eye Micro Tracker
Your Minds Eye Micro Tracker
Your Minds Eye Micro Tracker
Your Minds Eye Micro Tracker
Your Minds Eye Micro Tracker
Your Minds Eye Micro Tracker
Your Minds Eye Micro Tracker
Your Minds Eye Micro Tracker

Your Minds Eye Micro Tracker

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"You stumbled plenty but you still walked uphill. And that's more than most."

NOTE: this Mind's Eye Micro Tracker is best used with the Mind's Eye Introspection (use password INTROSPECTION) and Mind's Eye Harmonize products as well as our custom Mind's Eye by Medicine Box Journal. 


Greetings! This is Accessing Your Mind's Eye with the Mind's Eye Microdose Tracker by Medicine Box. In this workbook you will gain the clarity of choosing your journey while tracking the frequency and consistency of your microdosing. Weather that's a 30-60-90 day journey, this easy to use workbook, filled with the behavioral exercises used in synergy with a consistent microdose practice, will guide you to a place of deeper clarity and understanding of your internal environment. 

Use this workbook and it's fun and engaging prompts to navigate yourself through concentration exercises (a bonus focus tracker is built in), a personality test, how to overcome obstacles along the path while you embark on your transformative journey. Learn how to properly track your use while developing your wisdom statement and setting intentions with short and long term goals for yourself while you code your stress levels and emotions (yes, "stuff" comes up while microdosing and it's helpful to make meaning out of this)! See where you can improve your sleep, time in nature and overall cognitive performance by tracking your progress with the Mind's Eye products.

As you move along your journey in this workbook, you will be given the opportunity to engage in what WE call "micro reflections" to aid you in shifting your perspective while gaining the proper revelations to integrate positives change in your life for the momentum you crave!

Remember, "this is a thing to get you to the thing and that thing is YOU!"  Our products are designed to be most effective in combination with the behavioral exercises and lifestyle changes outlined in this workbook as well as journaling (with the Mind's Eye journal), tracking consistency, developing a mindfulness practice (meditation, breathwork, diet etc.) and learning how to integrate these new found discoveries into your life for a positive impact for yourself and those around YOU. 


1.) A colored PDF workbook of the Micro Tracker that can be notated on any iPAD or tablet. 

2.) A printable black and white version if you choose to print this out and use pen or pencil. 

3.) A colored and black and white PDF version of our FOCUS TRACKER (also linked in the MICRO TRACKER PDF).

4.) Links to the Big 5 Personality Test (*Medicine Box does NOT provide this service, it is a suggestion that we highly recommend)

5.) A one hour tutorial video (with subtitles) of our founder describing how to use this workbook to get the most out of it. 


In your e-mail INBOX (after your order), click the file named "Thank You! Your Micro Tracker Instructions Guide" for your instructional video on how to use your digital Mind's Eye Micro Tracker as well as how to download the tracker. 

You can also upload it (if you choose) to your "Goodnotes App"  (this app makes it possible to keep notes, write and scribble your thoughts into) *Medicine Box does NOT provide this app, it is only a suggestion. 

Download the digital workbook by clicking on the PDF file named "Minds Eye Tracker :Colored (iPad Mini)" in your e mail inbox


Take your time to review the PDF first to familiarize yourself with its contents (there's a lot)! It may be overwhelming at first but just like anything new and exciting, give yourself the chance to slowly engage with this workbook

As our spiritual advisor Michael Hollister would always say "there's no right way, or wrong way, just a lot of different ways to do something" You will receive a video of our founder describing our suggested use of the tracker, however if there's a different way that works for YOU, by ALL means, GO FOR IT!


Remember, every body and everybody is different. Results will vary from person to person and you get out of this what you choose to put in. It is our hope that when combining the behavioral exercises and lifestyle shifts in this tracker, along with the Mind's Eye products that you will gain a deeper awareness of self, more clarity, creativity, courage, and compassion, while those around you experience meaningful conversation with you from a new and improved state of consciousness

After your 90 day journey, WE hope the micro reflections, revelations and new discoveries can be positively integrated into your life for lasting change. From this new perspective and its prolonged feelings of wellbeing, the results are an unwavering new perspective for your life. 


This is an instant digital download, so NO physical products will be sent to your address (unless you ordered the Mind's Eye supplements).

ALL sales are final as digital products can not be returned.

For personal use only. 


WE always love to hear from our customers. If this tracker and your transformative journey is meaningful and impactful for you, please drop us a line at 

We'd love to give you a 50% discount on your next purchase for providing us with a genuine and transformative testimonial. 

Happy journeying,

Medicine Box

How to use mind's eye

🎵 Frequency & Rhythm!

🎵 Frequency & Rhythm!

Don't rush. Take your capsule with regularity and give it time to dance to your body's tune.


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1.) Mood Enhancement
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