Maternal Shift: Microdosing for Moms 

"From Harper’s Bazaar to Vogue, there’s been lots of discussion about the microdosing mom, but for folk herbologist/mycologist Mikaela de la Myco, it’s an unfortunate distraction from the grander and more rewarding project of entheogenic motherhood, which promises to transform how mothers experience birth and family. In this illuminating conversation with Medicine Box CEO Brian Chaplin, Mikaela gives practical tips on using mushrooms and herbs to aid in the task of motherhood, and how psychedelics match up with community, ritual and food to help families detox from the mainstream health care matrix. “I don't stand for the microdosing Mom, what do I stand for I stand for the repatriation of psychedelics, which means that mothers are in leadership positions within the psychedelic movement, because mothers are the people that are here to educate, have always been here to educate and also be the providers, the supporters and the changemakers within the psychedelic movement.”

Join Medicine Box CEO & Founder, Brian Chaplin for a discussion about mothers and microdosing with Mikaela de la Myco.

Mikaela de la Myco was born into a first-generation italian, afro-caribbean, and indigenous mexican family who lived in unceded Tongva territory, Los Angeles.

Her education comes from years walking the paths of sacred intimacy work, temple arts, circle keeping, mexica ceremony, and womb care facilitation, all under the care of teachers and guides.

Mikaela now practices in occupied Cahuilla and Kumeyaay territory -- San Diego. As a mushroom matriarch, she creates much needed education and spaces for unmet populations in the psychedelic renaissance. Amongst her educational outreach efforts is an ebook on Entheogenic Motherhood for the advocacy group Women in Psychedelics, and an viral extended interview with CBS 8 News in San Diego.

Her primary focus is holding community based circles where people can journey through the dark amenta to uncover their ancestor codes, explore and rewrite trauma wounds and make meaning with mushroom and other earth medicines.


00:00:08-00:07:40 The Hosts and Audience Share Their Ancestral Ties
00:07:41-00:09:12 Meditation
00:09:13-00:12:16 Intro to Mikaela
00:12:17-00:16:27 The Problems with Microdosing Moms and Rematriating Psychedelics
00:16:28-00:19:56 Practical Differences between Plants and Fungi
00:19:57-00:21:55 Psychedelic Literacy and the Problems with Academia
00:21:56-00:27:50 How Entheogens and Ritual Shape Child Care
00:27:51-00:32:48 Integrating children into psychedelic rituals/cross-cultural relations
00:32:49-00:37:09 Magick and Entheogens
00:37:10-00:46:33 The importance of food in medicine work
00:46:34-00:48:48 Maceration vs. Digestion/The Roots of Flying Ointment
00:48:49-00:55:20 Sobriety and Plant Medicine
00:55:21-01:04:24 Breaking Away from the Health Care Matrix
01:04:25-01:12:07 Mushroom-Menses Matrix
01:12:08-01:13:05 The Earth Medicine eBook
01:13:06-01:14:35 Q&A: Children and Psychs
01:14:36-01:16:30 Q&A: Biography Becomes Biology
01:16:31-01:18:34 Q&A: How to Follow Mikaela de la Myco
01:18:35-01:24:27 Why Mikaela Does the Work She Does
01:24:28-01:29:39 Recovery & Moving Away from 12-Step/Outro
01:30:05-end 90-Day Bundle Ad



“When people are using a psychedelic in a therapeutic context, they're not getting high. They are zeroing in on a very, very deep, emotional and psychological process that needs to be reconciled and that needs to be focused on and healed."

Medicine Box as we know it would not exist were it not for recovery. However, the role of psychedelics and other plant medicines remains controversial in most 12-step communities even as prescribed pharmaceuticals are countenanced.
However, a growing offshoot of the recovery movement utilizes entheogenic substances to help maintain sobriety, whether it’s with macro- or microdoses.

For this episode, Medicine Box founder/CEO Brian Chaplin chats with Integrative Medicine practitioner Dr. Erica Zelfand, who through the facilitator school Innertrek is currently training North America’s first cohort of psilocybin-assisted therapists for Oregon’s trailblazing mental health program, about the exciting applications of psychedelics towards all manner of human dependency.

Moreover, Dr. Zelfand digs not only into HOW they can help, but WHY they help, and discusses how new approaches are necessary before professionals and patients alike can use them effectively.

"And so psychedelics can help people do that they can help you forgive that parent that's already died, that you won't ever get to talk to again, or forgive yourself for that thing that you did when you were 15. Or understand that these definitions that other people have put on you are not who you actually are whatever that process is.”

00:00-06:59 Why Dr. Z Opted Out of Mainstream Medicine
07:00-09:37 Working with the “Vital Force”
09:38-15:50 Redefining Addiction
15:51-21:06 How Psychedelics Attack the Roots of Addiction
21:07-28:19 The Vitamin C Solution for Addiction
28:20-35:46 Working Clinically with Microdosing
35:47-37:30 Microdosing in a Post-Legalization Oregon
37:31-41:11 Pitfalls of Psychedelics
41:12-42:55 Future Applications of Microdosing
42:56-45:04 The Mind’s Eye Formulation Design/Maturity in the Psychedelic Healing Space
45:05-47:08 Q&A: Thyroid Issues and Microdosing
47:09-49:16 Q&A: Microdosing & Chronic Pain
49:17-52:33 Q&A: Lightning Round
52:45-55:43 Some Advice for the Holidays
55:44-end Outro

MIND SHIFT: Microdosing 101 

"Imagine living your life with a sense of acceptance of your life, as well as recognizing your purpose toward humanity, towards [our] shared experience on Earth. These are some of the most commonly reported effects of micro dosing experiences and journeys, usually prolonged.”

Kicking off the premiere webcast in our Microdosing 101 series, Medicine Box/Mind’s Eye CEO Brian Chaplin teams up with Kai Wellness founder/functional medicine doctor Dr. Karina Klimtchuk to discuss the vital foundations for anyone getting into microdosing.

Drawing from decades of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrative wellness modalities like yoga, meditation, breathwork and reiki, “Dr. K” speaks directly to the spiritual and clinical sides of microdosing when discussing its goals, pitfalls and potentials.

Both Brian and Dr. K acknowledge the need for commitment and good mentorship when pursuing this path, but also report the astounding results they have observed amongst those who have learned how to work with this valuable tool: “

There is a recognition [from those who are microdosing] that there is… some kind of a intelligence to the way the universe is organized."

There is a reported feeling of openness to infinite possibilities. Now imagine living your life open to possibility.

00:07-04:18 Dr. Klimtchuk Intro
04:19-06:41 The Definition of Microdosing
06:42-10:18 The Hazards of Microdosing
10:19-13:31 Why People Are Turning to Microdosing
13:32-19:57 Differences between Micro- and Macrodosing
19:58-27:32 Microdosing and Prescription Medications
27:33-38:17 Why the Protocol Concept Isn’t Helpful in Microdosing
38:18-42:55 On Creating the Right Container for Macrodosing
42:56-48:14 Posing the Right Inquiry to Dependency
48:15-54:48 The Limits and Potential for Scientific Research
54:49-1:01:22 Q&A: The Advantages of Guided Microdosing
1:01:23-1:06:15 Q&A: Group Microdosing Therapy
1:06:16-1:10:52 Q&A: Defining Successful Microdosing
1:10:53-1:13:20 The Plant/Patient/Facilitator Partnership
1:13:21-1:15:38 Q&A: OCD & Emotional Dysregulation
1:15:39-1:23:38 Brian Answers Several Questions and Discusses the Mind’s Eye 90-Day Container
1:23:39-1:25:27 Community as a Mental Health Reality Check
1:25:28-1:29:51 Q&A: On Schizophrenia
1:29:52-end Outro


"That's the work and most people are afraid of doing the work because they're afraid of changing and you can't have different without change, taking responsibility, [and] acting on your free will.”

Medicine Box CEO Brian Chaplin discusses the careful routines and rituals one must perform to undergo a true plant medicine transformation with Nevada County-based depth psychologist Sean Merrick, MA, LMFT.

Starting out as a high-achieving anti-infective specialist for Big Pharma, Sean quietly suffered from an array of physical disorders before discovering Functional Medicine. Currently running his own private practice, Sean now practices a holistic healing modality called psychoneuroimmunology, which seeks to determine the root causes of a patient’s mental and physical discomforts.

In this episode, Brian discusses the roots causes to our current mental health crisis, inveighs against the “take-this-for-that” Western model of healing and drills down into Sean’s therapeutic process. “It’s beginning to change the way we communicate, getting out of relationships that reinforce the negative core schema, and then we start hiking out out of the canyon.

00:00-04:50 Introduction
04:51-06:47 Sean Describes His Therapeutic Approach
06:48-10:38 The Roots of our Mental Health Care Crisis
10:39-14:43 Sean’s Mental Health Struggles & the Flaws in Our Current System
14:44-18:10 How Sean Works with Functional Medicine
18:11-23:07 Issues Encountered When Titrating off of One’s Meds
23:08-27:46 The Coporatization of Psychedelics
27:47-36:25 Understanding Psilocybin Wisdom
36:26-39:04 The Wisdom Gap, Explained
39:05-49:19 Writing Your Own Life’s User Manual
49:20-52:01 People CAN Change
52:02-55:29 Sean’s SoulQuest Package
55:30-56:50 Sean’s Experiential Record with Psychedelic Integration
56:51-01:01:00 Q&A/Comments from the Crowd
01:01:01-01:02:03 Q&A: Homeopathy
01:02:04-01:03:56 Q&A: Who Should Administer Specific Plant Medicines?
01:03:57-01:05:24 Q&A: On Non-Psychedelic Derivatives of Plant Medicine
01:05:25-01:06:38 Q&A: Microdosing & Hypnotherapy
01:06:39-01:07:41 Q&A: Facilitating Retreats
01:07:42-01:08:13 Q&A: Vagus Nerve Stimulation
01:08:14-end Outro


Cultivation Shift: A Talk with Dr. Amanda Reiman, Ph.D, MSW 


“For us, it's about the virtual world, and being able to get up close and personal with plants in a virtual world, no matter where you are. So that we don't forget what the natural world is… At the same time, [we’re also] educating people about these plants leads to mindful consumption, understanding what these plants are, like in their natural state, where they come from, what indigenous communities have been shepherding them for all this time.”

Medicine Box Founder, Brian Chaplin speaks to an OG veteran of the California medical cannabis movement, social ethnobotanist, UC-Berkeley professor and web3 entrepreneur Dr. Amanda Reiman.

From her early days as an early staffer of the pioneering medical cannabis clinic Berkeley Patients Group to her newest business Personal Plants and the affiliated NFT collection ∆FLORA, Dr. Reiman has spent her life working with and examining the connection that humans forge with nature through medicinal and visionary plants, which she now sells through Personal Plants.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Reiman discusses how she intends to unite the natural world with the emergent metaverse and what people need to do in order to safeguard the future so that psychedelic and visionary plants remain accessible and affordable for everyone.


00:00:36-00:05:07 Pre-show introductions of the audience
00:05:08-00:05:40 Amanda Talks about the early days of Berkeley Patients Group
00:05:41-00:08:36 Brian introduces Amanda
00:08:37- 00:10:24 Amanda talks about her East Coast move
00:10:25-00:16:08 the genesis of Amanda’s focus on medicinal plants
00:16:09-00:20:57 How can the CA cannabis market be helped?
00:20:58-00:23:01 The advantages of cannabis Markets outside of CA
00:23:02-00:25:57 Whole plant vs. isolated cannabinoids
00:25:58-00:27:21 Recreational vs. medicinal
00:27:22-00:31:03 Exciting new developments in medical cannabis
00:31:04-00:37:42 Making a human connection with plants
00:37:43-00:42:17 Mobilizing NOW for better medicinal plant policy
00:42:18-00:44:12 Psychedelics vs. cannabis on the criminal justice level
00:44:13-00:46:59 The story behind Personal Plants
00:47:00-00:48:23 Making the jump to web3
00:48:24-00:52:10 What can cannabis and psychedelics learn from each other?
00:52:11-00:57:31 Creating a nexus between the digital and natural worlds
00:57:32-00:59:41 The virtual Sacred Garden so far
00:59:42-01:01:31 Being an ambassador for the California State Fair
01:01:32-01:05:03 Brian goes through commentary from the audience
01:05:04-01:06:49 Q&A: Turbulence in cryptocurrency
01:06:50-01:08:37 Commentary: Thailand giving away one million cannabis plants
01:08:38-01:10:25 Q&A: the best visionary plants you’ve never heard of
01:10:26-end Outro