MIND SHIFT: Microdosing 101


Kicking off the premiere webcast in our Microdosing 101 series, Medicine Box/Mind’s Eye CEO Brian Chaplin teams up with Kai Wellness founder/functional medicine doctor Dr. Karina Klimtchuk to discuss the vital foundations for anyone getting into microdosing. Drawing from decades of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrative wellness modalities like yoga, meditation, breathwork and reiki, “Dr. K” speaks directly to the spiritual and clinical sides of microdosing when discussing its goals, pitfalls and potentials. Both Brian and Dr. K acknowledge the need for commitment and good mentorship when pursuing this path, but also report the astounding results they have observed amongst those who have learned how to work with this valuable tool: “There is a recognition [from those who are microdosing] that there is… some kind of a intelligence to the way the universe is organized. There is a reported feeling of openness to infinite possibilities. Now imagine living your life open to possibility. Imagine living your life with a sense of acceptance of your life, as well as recognizing your purpose toward humanity, towards [our] shared experience on Earth. These are some of the most commonly reported effects of micro dosing experiences and journeys, usually prolonged.”


00:07-04:18 Dr. Klimtchuk Intro

04:19-06:41 The Definition of Microdosing

06:42-10:18 The Hazards of Microdosing

10:19-13:31 Why People Are Turning to Microdosing

13:32-19:57 Differences between Micro- and Macrodosing

19:58-27:32 Microdosing and Prescription Medications

27:33-38:17 Why the Protocol Concept Isn’t Helpful in Microdosing

38:18-42:55 On Creating the Right Container for Macrodosing

42:56-48:14 Posing the Right Inquiry to Dependency

48:15-54:48 The Limits and Potential for Scientific Research

54:49-1:01:22 Q&A: The Advantages of Guided Microdosing

1:01:23-1:06:15 Q&A: Group Microdosing Therapy

1:06:16-1:10:52 Q&A: Defining Successful Microdosing

1:10:53-1:13:20 The Plant/Patient/Facilitator Partnership

1:13:21-1:15:38 Q&A: OCD & Emotional Dysregulation

1:15:39-1:23:38 Brian Answers Several Questions and Discusses the Mind’s Eye 90-Day Container

1:23:39-1:25:27 Community as a Mental Health Reality Check

1:25:28-1:29:51 Q&A: On Schizophrenia

1:29:52-end Outro