Welcome to Medicine Box where our vision is equal parts medicine and mentorship to create full health sovereignty!

I'm Brian, the founder of Medicine Box. First off, I’m HUMAN. I’m also a full-time lover of nature, a plant medicine advocate, a meditation teacher, a recovery coach with 10 years of sobriety, a guitar player, a reader, and a coffee lover. Oh, and I’m an entrepreneur!

Our vision is equal parts medicine and mentorship to create full health sovereignty through the 7 pillar wisdom of mindfulness, food, music, community, collaboration, and recovery while letting nature be the evolving medium weaving it all together.
We’re committed to making a real impact on the mental health and addiction crisis & be the catalyst for lasting change in people's health and happiness.
Looking forward to getting to know you!

Who This Is For:

Parents, executives, entrepreneurs, and HUMANS who want an alternative solution for transforming their anxieties & renewing their relationship with the present moment
People who are open minded, are willing to take that extra step into the unknown and commit to a frequent and consistent practice to be the best version of themselves
You truly value your wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around you
Those who want to be accountable to their health and happiness

Who This Is NOT For:

Anyone seeking a “quick fix,” a magic pill or panacea
Short-term thinking, instant gratification opportunists
plural noun: opportunists

"a person who exploits circumstances to gain immediate advantage rather than being guided by consistent principles or plans."

  • People who believe that the world owes them something who never stick to anything long enough to see it to its full potential
  • Anyone not looking for true transformation in their lives or willing to make gradual shifts in their lifestyle through suggested practices ie “do the work”
  • People who just want to “heal” overnight, make all their problems go away without taking meaningful action for themselves.
  • You can browse our products and services at the link below and check out the video to learn more about our vision and who we aim to serve.


The attached "6Cs of Medicine Box" are the values we stand by within our company culture, but also as a guidepost for group discussions when someone has the proverbial talking stick.


WE look forward to this journey together, with ALL of YOU!

In Equanimity,

Medicine Box