Mind's Eye Microdose (Newest Batch!)

Mind's Eye Microdose (Newest Batch!)

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The Most Effective Microdose Stack Ever

What Is Included In Each Microdose? 

6 Adaptogens

Lions Mane
 - Supports brain health, improves mood and focus

Chaga - Antioxidant, immune booster, and anti-inflammatory

Turkey tail - Reduces inflammation, immune-boosting, and assists with gut health

Cordyceps - Assist with exercise performance, anti-aging, antioxidant, promotes heart health, anti-inflammatory

Red Reishi - Immune booster, combats fatigue, and relieves tension

Agarikon - Helps reduce inflammation, combats viral and bacterial infections, and immune-enhancing

5 Botanicals

 - Neuroprotectant, memory retention, and cognitive function while calming the mind

Holy Basil - Source of vitamins C, A & K that relieves tension.

Brahmi - Mental Clarity, improves memory, reduces anxiety, antioxidants, reduces symptoms of distraction, and restlessness.

Turmeric - Combats degenerative processes in the brain, anti-inflammatory

Sea Moss - Helps tame uneasiness, contains polysaccharides, neuroprotectant, supports the thyroid, energy recovery, and immune health

2 Essential Nutrients

 - Boosts brain function, is water-soluble (rabid absorption), helps process food into energy, helps with DNA repair and memory loss

Magnesium-L-Theronate - Helps with age-related cognitive decline, improves short and long-term memory loss, helps improve memory and learning, mood support, forms healthy cells and synapses

How to use mind's eye

🎵 Frequency & Rhythm!

🎵 Frequency & Rhythm!

Don't rush. Take your capsule with regularity and give it time to dance to your body's tune.


Mood Enhancement

1.) Mood Enhancement
Elevate your mood and transform your day with grace and ease, by experiencing the powerful combination of 6 adaptogenic mushrooms, 5 botanicals, 2 essential nutrients and one introspective compound that support your mental and emotional well-being.

2.) Focus On What Really Matters
Experience a new level of mental clarity and unlock your full microdosing potential with our exceptional 14 in 1 microdose blend containing mind and body expanding compounds such as Lions Mane, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, and Magnesium-L-Theronate and more!

3.) Shifts In Perspective
Broaden your understanding of yourself, overcome mental barriers, and approach challenges from a new perspective, leading to personal growth and self-discovery.

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